Policy statement
Möbel-Transport AG is fully committed to uphold the laws in regards to anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Any act of bribery and/ or corruption or the attempt thereof will by no means be tolerated.  Möbel-Transport AG is highly dedicated to operating professionally, fairly and with integrity. Möbel-Transport AG is furthermore dedicated to enforcing protocols, which guarantee bribery is prevented.

Bribery is defined as the offering, promising, giving, accepting or soliciting of an advantage as an inducement for action. It is illegal, and it is a breach of trust. A bribe is an inducement or reward offered, promised or provided in order to gain a commercial, contractual, regulatory or personal advantage.

This anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy applies to all employees, agents, vendors, contractors, third party suppliers, any of our subsidiaries or their employees as well as any other persons associated with Möbel-Transport AG.

Employees must not participate in any form of bribery or corruption, including but not limited to:

·         Accepting or offering any form or bribe

·         Promoting any bribery or corrupted activities to obtain a benefit for oneself or their companies

·         Employees must not bribe a foreign public official anywhere in the world

Gifts and Hospitality
Möbel-Transport AG will not accept gifts and/or gestures of hospitality and goodwill if it has been made which:

-          yield corporate or personal benefits

-          are not in compliance with local law

-          were made with the intention of influencing the party

-          are made with the suggestion that a favour is expected in return

-          could be considered illegal or improper

Facilitation Payments
Möbel-Transport AG does not accept and will not make any form of facilitation payments of any kind. Facilitation payments are a monetary bribe with the objective of accelerating an administrative process.

Political Contributions
Möbel-Transport AG will not make donations, monetary or others, in order to support any political parties and/or candidates. We recognise this could be understood as an effort to gain an improper business advantage.

Charitable Contributions
Möbel-Transport AG accepts donations to charities. Employees must, however, be careful to ensure that charitable contributions are not used to facilitate and/or conceal acts of bribery.

We will ensure that all charitable donations made are legal and ethical under local laws and practices, and that donations are not offered without prior approval of the manager.

Möbel-Transport AG takes corruption and bribery very seriously. Violation of this policy  will have serious consequences and may result in disciplinary actions, including termination and might even involve criminal proceedings.

The prevention, detection and reporting of bribery and any other forms of corruption are the responsibility of all those working for or under the control of Möbel-Transport AG. All workers must avoid any activity that might lead to, or suggest, a breach of this policy.

If there is any suspicion that there is an instance of bribery or corrupt activities in relation to Möbel-Transport AG, you must raise your concerns to your manager as early as possible.

Training and communication
Möbel-Transport AG’s anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy will be clearly communicated to suppliers and partners.

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