Policy statement
In order to operate properly, Möbel-Transport AG needs to gather and use certain information about individuals. This data protection and privacy policy encompasses the procedures that are in place for the collection, handling, storage, and protection of that personal data. The policy ensures that Möbel-Transport AG complies with data protection law and protects the rights of staff, customers as well as affiliates.

Personal data includes but isn’t limited to the name and address of our customer as well as personal and business contact information. It furthermore encompasses details and value of home contents and storage locations, personal documents and customs documentation. This personal information is only collected and used in order to provide the requested services.

This policy refers to any and all parties who provide personal information to Möbel-Transport AG. The rules apply regardless of whether data is retained electronically or on paper.

Möbel-Transport AG’s IT system meets the required security standards. Staff will be informed about this data protection and privacy policy.

Möbel-Transport AG’s data protection and privacy policy will be clearly communicated to employees, suppliers, partners as well as customers. It is also available on our website. Furthermore, the link to the specific section on our website can be found in our email disclaimer.

Choice and consent
By accepting our goods and services, our clients consent to this policy. They are aware that some personal data might need to be forwarded to third parties in order for us to operate properly and effectively.

Collection of personal data will be avoided when possible. Personal data shall only be used for the purpose it was initially collected.

Use, retention, and disposal
Möbel-Transport will exclusively use personal data in order to provide services requested by the customer. Personal data will not be revealed to any parties who are not part of the supply chain. Data will only be retained for as long as necessary or required by law. After that period, this information will be appropriately disposed of.

If personal data about a person is held by Möbel-Transport AG, that person may request to access said data.

Disclosure to third parties
If Möbel-Transport AG collaborates with third parties, it will only do so with partners who comply with data protection and privacy requirements.

A situation could arise where personal data has to be disclosed to law enforcement agencies. This is possible without the consent of the data subject. The data controller will, however, make certain that this request is legitimate.

Security for privacy
Möbel-Transport AG’s IT system is secured by a personal login and password. Electronically retained data must be protected from unauthorised access, accidental deletion as well as malicious hacking attempts. Access to personal data is only granted to employees who need it for their work.

We only keep necessary and relevant personal data. Our clients can make changes on that data at any time. Möbel-Transport AG takes steps to ensure that data is kept accurate and up to date.

Monitoring and enforcement
Everyone working for or with Möbel-Transport AG has responsibility for ensuring that data is collected, retained and handled appropriately.

Möbel-Transport AG takes data protection breaches seriously. Violation of this policy will have grave consequences and may result in disciplinary actions. All workers must avoid any activity that might lead to a breach of this policy.

If there is any suspicion that there is an instance of a breach in data protection in relation to Möbel-Transport AG, you must raise your concerns to your manager as early as possible.

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